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What's Tha Difference?

Dr. Dre feat. Eminem


what's the differance between me and you x2

Back when Q was rolling wid Lorenzo in a Benzo
i was banging wid a gang of instramentals,
got the pens and pencils, got down ta business, 
but sometimes the business end of the shit can
turn your friends against u, but u was a real
nigga i could sense it in u, i still remember the
window of the car that u went through, that's fucked
up, but i'll never forget the shit we been through,
and i'm do whatever it takes to convence you,
cuz u my nigga doc, and eazy i'm stll wid u, fuck
the beef nigga i miss u and thats just being real
wid u, ya see the truth is everyone wanna know 
how close me and snopp is and who I'm still
cool wid, then i got these fake ass nigga that
i first grew wid, claiming they non-violence
talking like (the way I used to be) spitting
venom in um interviews speaking on reunions
move units then talk shit and we can do this, 
until then i ain't even speaking your name, just 
keep my name outta your mouth and we can keep 
it the same nigga it that I'm big to listen to the
rumors its just that I'm to damn big to pay 
attention to um. Thats the difference.

What's the difference between me and you?
You talk a good one but u don't do what u 
supposed to do, i act on what i feel with 
everything and emotions I'm used to living big
dogg style with straight royce x2

Yo , i stay wid it while u try to perpatrate play
wid it , never knew about the next leval till dre 
did it, i stay committed while u motherfuckers 
babysitt it i smash the critics like a over head 
right from ridic, come an get it, shitted on
villans by the millions i be catching bitches 
while bitches be catching fillings so what the 
fuck am i supposed to do i pop bottles at hot 
hollows points at each and all of you, a 
heartless bastard, high and plastered my style 
is like the reaction from too much acid , never 
go down, pass it around you can't handle it 
hang hollywood niggas by their soul train 
laminets, what's the difference between me and
u?( what) about 5 bank account 3 ounces and
2 vechiles, until my death i'm bang ladeat i 
suggest u hold your breath to lay none left yo 
thats the difference

chorus X2

alright, hold up, hold up, stop the beat a minute,
i got something ta say, dre i wanna tell u this shit
right now while this fucking weed is in me,
(what ta fuck)
i don't know if i ever told u this, but i love u dogg
i got your mother-fucking back just know this

(right) slim i don't know if u noticed it but I've
had your back from day 1 nigga lets blow this

I mean it dogg u ever need somebody off who's
throat is it

well if u eva kill that Kim bitch I'll show u where
the ocean is

Well thats cool and I appreciate the offer, but if i 
do decide to really murder my daughters 
momma i sit up in the front seat and put 
sunglasses on her and cruise around wid her for
7 hours through California, and have her waving
to people(hi) then drop her off on the corner at 
the police station and drive off honking the horn
for her, rod naw get your rod nawd off drop the
sawd off and beat u wid a piece of a sawd off of,
fuck blood i wanna see some lungs coughed up 
get shot up in the hot tub till the bubbles pop up, 
and their nose and cough start up, mucas in hot
water thats for trynna talk like the chronic was
lost product, thats for even thinking of having
them thoughts thought up, u better show some
respect whenever the docs brought up, so whats
the difference between us? we can start at the 
penis, and we can scream i just don't give a fuck
and see who means it